Geocaching Employee Spotlight: Tom, Veep of Marketing & Merch

This is part of a series of blog posts shining a spotlight on the people of Geocaching HQ. We hope to show you the “geo-who” behind the “geo-what”. :-)

What is your name?
Tom Phillips

Tom skiing
Tom skiing

Yeah, but what’s your Username?

How did you come up with your username?
When I first moved to Seattle back in 2000, I worked on a wonderful start up business called World2market. We used the internet to create a global marketplace for third world artisans. It was an amazing project and along the way we considered other company names. One was VIATRU.

What is your job title?
I am the VP of Marketing and Merchandise here at Geocaching HQ

Tom and one of Geocaching's little buddies - Stumpy
Tom and one of Geocaching’s little buddies – Stumpy

What does your job title actually mean? In other words, how do you explain what you do to someone that has no idea what you do?
I am very privileged to have the opportunity to serve the geocaching community in two ways. 1) I work with our merchandise team to make sure geocachers around the world can find the physical products they need to create, share and enjoy the game of geocaching. 2) I work with our marketing team to make sure the geocaching community stays connected and informed with what’s going on both here at HQ and around the world.

Tom (upper right) with come of the Geocaching HQ crew on a team outing
Tom (upper right) with come of the Geocaching HQ crew on a team outing

Tell us about your geocaching style (exotic locations / quality over quantity)?
I am definitely an explorer when it comes to Geocaching. I love geocaches that take me somewhere new or challenge me with a new experience. Geocaching has taken me into caves, up trees and into the woods in the middle of the night. I love this stuff!!

What’s something that surprises you about geocaching – whether it’s the game itself, working at headquarters, or anything else?
From the day I was first introduced to geocaching back in 2004, I have been both inspired and amazed by the enthusiasm, support, creativity and endless imagination of geocachers around the world.

Treasure Trackers
Treasure Trackers

What’s the best piece of geocaching advice or information you ever learned?
Three simple words, “Let’s go Geocaching”. I said yes and 12 years later I’m still having a blast!!!