Phantom of the Opera — Geocache of the Week

by Mostly Moose
Oslo, Norway
N 59° 54.489 E 010° 45.091
Oslo Opera House from across the harbor

Why this is Geocache of the Week:

This highly-favorited multi-cache is located on the roof of the shiny and relatively new opera house in Oslo’s city center. The building’s distinctive design conveys accessibility—and expense. The Italian marble roof slopes down to the plaza below, allowing an easy transition from the street to the skies. According to the cache page, “Walking up the gentle slopes and across the roof plateau is supposed to emulate a hike in Norwegian hills and mountains.” Unsurprisingly, the view from the top over the harbor is breathtaking.

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The view, at sunset, from the roof of the Opera House

Geocachers searching for this phantom cache will first need to pay a visit to a very regal lady outside the opera house, one who devoted her life to promoting opera in Norway. A few calculations later, geocachers will find GZ and can search for the cache itself.

The mysterious lady all geocachers will need to visit.

Tips for finding this cache:

  1. Watch your step. Don’t stare at the phone/GPS. You’re on a roof.
  2. Use utmost discretion and stealth. Muggles of the tourist kind are everywhere.
  3. Bring only small geocoins or trackables. The cache is small.
  4. Go at sunset, on a dry day, if you can. The view is phenomenal.

What geocachers have to say about it:

“My geocaching name comes from Phantom of the Opera, so I had to find this one. What an interesting building and an amazing view from the top. Found it with a fantastic group of friends from several countries. Thank you for showing it to me!” –Prying Pandora

“What an amazing building. The weather changed and the sun came out. It was a special light effect and great atmosphere and I took a lots of pictures. We reached stage 1 and got the necessary information. Before we walked to the final location, we made a guided tour in the opera, I enjoyed much. We reached GZ and still knew, where to search. We had to wait muggles passing and switched into stealth mode. After some moments I discovered the hidden cache-container. We signed the logbook satisfied, hided the container again and continued our walk. Thanks for the cache and regards.” –Geo-Link


The cache, with view of the sculpture, “She Lies”, which floats in the middle of the harbor.
“She Lies” sculpture in Oslo Harbor.
Looking down the roof of the opera house.
Looking down the roof of the opera house.
Geocacher/Lackey/Reviewer Prying Pandora finds the cache.
Geocacher/Lackey/Reviewer Prying Pandora finds the cache.
The cache and logbook.
The cache and logbook.

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