Canada’s 1st Geocache — Geocache of the Week

by eastriver
Nova Scotia, Canada
N 44° 35.607 W 064° 10.838

Why this is Geocache of the Week:

There’s something uniquely irresistible about being first. Whether it’s first human on the moon, or First-to-Find on a geocache, the honor of being the-one-who-did-the-thing-before-everyone-else is widely coveted.

GCBBA is appropriately named “Geocache–Canada’s 1st geocache”. Hidden just 56 days after Dave Ulmer hid the first-ever geocache in Oregon, this cache in Nova Scotia is among the first few geocaches hidden in the world.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, this makes it an exceptionally popular destination for geocachers passing within 300-500 miles of GZ. Visitors are rewarded with a large ammo can in prime condition, capable of holding a very respectable number of trackables and swag.

DarkFlare shows a little Canadian pride!

What Geocachers have to say about it:

“It’s always good to be first isn’t it… In the Halifax area this weekend to visit the Adventure Maze. This old one was too close not to visit. We went in a bit the hard way, but found the easy way out. Dipped a couple TB’s in for Mileage.” –mainiac1957

“Yay, Canada’s oldest geocache has been on out bucket list for the longest time. We spied the geo-trail in, jumped the wet ditch and quickly arrived at the Geocache Lane sign, then up the hill to find this awesome cache. Thanks so much eastriver for keeping this unique cache going for all of us to enjoy!! Love seeing these old container. A Fav.” –Trail Mongers

“I am very happy to be able to log this cache. It was one of the target caches while on our cross Canada geo-roadtrip. So far we have found the oldest caches in BC, Sask, Manitoba, Ontario and now the Oldest one in the country. Later on, on this trip, we found the oldest caches in N.B., Nfld and PEI. This cache was about 7500 km into our 18,000 km journey. Thanks for the memorable find.” –Cyclepath Cacher


Community Volunteer Reviewer CacheViewer and GPS Derek make the find.
GCBBA’s contents bared to the world.
de hangijzers out of the Netherlands celebrates 10,000 finds.
Says lpaulriddle: “My always-photogenic kids posing with GCBBA, Canada’s oldest geocache.”

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