Geocaching HQ Employee Spotlight: Jennifer

This is part of a series of blog posts shining a spotlight on the people of Geocaching HQ. We hope to show you the “geo-who” behind the “geo-what”. :-)

What is your name?

Yeah, but what’s your Username?

Jennifer on Halloween
Jennifer on Halloween

How did you come up with your username?
I have an unhealthy love of 70s TV.

What is your job title?
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer on her ergonomic Administrative Assistant throne
Jennifer on her ergonomic Administrative Assistant throne

What does your job title actually mean? In other words, how do you explain what you do to someone that has no idea what you do?
I’m a Lackey Herder. I help manage schedules and schedule meetings for the founders. I try to ignore filing duties to the best of my ability. I help everyone with whatever they might need – conference rooms, travel plans, scheduling and general support. I get to interact with pretty much everyone at HQ at some point or another which is great when you work with such awesome people.

Tell us about your geocaching style (exotic locations / quality over quantity)?
Quality over quantity but convenience over everything. I’m the mom of two little boys so long finds aren’t always an option. I’ll grab any cache when the moment is right.

I'm the mom of two little boys so long finds aren't always an option.
I’m the mom of two little boys so long finds aren’t always an option.

What’s something that surprises you about geocaching – whether it’s the game itself, working at headquarters, or anything else?
When I first started geocaching, the very first cache I tried to find was right down the street from my house in a pretty ubarn city area. I ended up DNFing. I added it to my watch list and of course, people logged it. I went back around 5 or 6 times before I finally found it. It was camo’d to the bottom of a billboard sign and it really looked like part of the structure. Up until then I thought geocaching was just Tupperware containers in bushes. (I looked in soooo many bushes around the billboard lol). Awesomely camo’d urban hides never cease to surprise and amaze me.

Jennifer and the boys geocaching
Jennifer and the boys geocaching

What’s the best piece of geocaching advice or information you ever learned?
Always carry mosquito spray!