Brick By Brick — Geocache of the Week

by Troopbiz
West Virginia, United States
N 39° 28.282 W 080° 07.115

Why this is Geocache of the Week:

600 billion. That’s the number of Lego parts that have been released into the world since 1949, when the Lego Group began manufacturing the colorful interlocking bricks. Now, at least 100 of those have parts have been re-imagined into this Geocache of the Week.

Despite its playful construction, this cache is serious business. If you reach GZ, finding the colorful birdhouse will be easy…but you’re only half-way there. The cache itself is behind a small door, which can only be opened by solving a field puzzle from the cache page.

Surprisingly, cache owner Troobpiz says the cache doesn’t need a lot of maintenance—a testament to the solid construction and to the Legos themselves. We especially like how the cache was attached to its tree: with easily adjustable chains.

So if you’re traveling near West Virginia sometime soon, check it out. If you feel like digging out your old Lego set afterwards, we’d understand.

Brick By Brick

What Geocachers have to say about it:

“TFTC This one is very special. A unique idea that makes you smile. Lots of swag in this adorable BRICK house. TN SL left a pink bangle for tiny wrists.” –Capone6

“I am always impressed by the truly clever containers that take time and effort to assemble. This is a beaut! Thanks for our fun after arriving here today en route home to Louisville.” –Ecce!

“I was in the Fairmont area this morning and new I had to stop by this new cache to see what all the buzz was about. This is an interesting twist on a container that we have all seen many times. Well done. I enjoyed the quick on-site puzzle. I had it solve correctly on the first try… the second calculation came out the same… and the third… and (you see the pattern. Finally, in a pinch, the lock popped open and I was able to sign the log. Well done. I have never seen one like it before. TFTC.” –arealwhit

What the Cache Owner, Troopbiz, has to say about it:

What inspired you to use Legos for the cache construction?
Ever since I can remember I have loved playing with Legos and building unique and creative things with them. I first had the concept of using these stackable toy bricks for a geocache when I saw a similar concept online. In that concept cachers had to count different colors to obtain the 4 digit lock combination. I took it a step further by making the cache out of Legos. I even designed a custom Lego door complete with a latch to allow cachers to access the geocache!

What’s been your reaction to all the nice logs and favorite points from geocachers?
I strive to put out unique and creative geocaches for geocachers to find. When I first hid the geocache I knew it would be a highly trafficked cache due to the location, but I didn’t expect 26 favorite points in the first year! It’s been fun reading all the nice logs and experiences that other geocachers have written, and that inspires me to hide more unique caches.

What’s your favorite geocache to find?
I enjoy finding creative caches that the cache owner has put some serious thought, time, and effort into. For this reason I enjoy multi and puzzle caches the best! More specifically I enjoy gadget caches. Gadget caches are easy to find, but you have to do something special to access the log. I am fortunate to have local cachers such as Killlerbee, Arealwhit, WVcachers3, and Dukemartin (Just to name a few) that strive to hide cachers to give the community a unique experience.

Do you have anything you want to say to the geocaching community?
If you don’t think you have the ability or creativity to hide a unique cache, think again. The internet has an abundance of great and unique cache ideas to get inspiration from. You can can the concept from one cache, change the theme, and make it a completely new caching experience! Some of the best caches I have done have been based on a common theme such as “The Gold Bug” (GC62631) or “Cap’n Morgan’s Booty” (GC5Y8AB). I have another cache entitled “Mission Impossible” (GC4NDPR) that is a 5 stage multi cache, and in each stage is a different puzzle cachers have to solve before they can advance to the next. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and create a unique caching experience. The community will thank you, and who knows… you may even be featured on the Geocaching Blog!


Geocacher KristenTurner and friend make the find.
Brick By Brick in all its glory.
Note: The cache was screwed into a tree for this photo, but this was not a permanent placement.
CO Troopbiz & his creation. Note: The cache was screwed into a tree for this photo, but this was not a permanent placement.

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