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bc5d6eed-52ec-46c2-8057-3345b3701e0aPimp my Pump series by ArizonaSmith
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Zagreb, Croatia
N 45° 48.170 E 015° 58.378

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Why this series is Geocache of the Week:

Marge Simpson, Kurt Cobain, and Mr. Spock have taken up residence on the streets of Zagreb, Croatia, thanks to a group of local artists and a project called “Pimp My Pump.”

Scattered across Zagreb are a series of old water pumps dating back to the end of the 19th century. You’ll find them in yards, the spaces between buildings, and at the sides of busy roads. Originally constructed to bring water to neighborhoods not connected to the municipal water supply, the pumps had long been disused and mostly ignored before the “Pimp My Pump” crew came along and transformed them into colorful, astonishingly creative, and at times hilarious figures.

Now, geocacher ArizonaSmith has placed a geocache at many of these pumps, effectively creating a geocaching tour of the series. Find all of the caches on this bookmark list, and you’ll also find a sidewalk Pac-Man game, a pump in jail with a police pump standing watch nearby, and Jimmi Hendrix pump.


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