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Spokane History


Spokane, WA

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Riverfront Park: Home of Expo ’74 and downtown park

Why this GeoTour is unique:

The Spokane area is home to Riverfront Park—a beautiful downtown park known for being the of Expo 1974—and Spokane Falls, with many historic sites to see nearby. The area has incredible trails, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Hiking, biking, and boating are readily accessible as well as skiing and ice skating in the winter. Spokane has art museums, a children’s science museum, and amusement parks including Silverwood Theme Park just across the state border in Idaho. Spokane truly is, as they say, Near Nature, Near Perfect.

Clutes: cachingclutes at (GC2CFF6) SHGT: Mother of Father’s Day

Best time of year to visit:

Spokane is a four season destination. Year-round there are many activities that give you great opportunities to explore the area and see the sights.

Must-see attractions:

  • Riverfront Park and site of the Expo ’74 downtown along the river
  • Spokane Falls SHGT: Spokane Falls (GC5Y3EM)
  • Riding the Carousel (GC8E6B) & seeing the beautiful Manito Park
  • SHGT: Spirit of Nature (GCC723)
  • SHGT: Down by Duncan Gardens (GCMD96) up on the South Hill.



Hidden gems only locals know about:

  • The local space aliens (GC1N0B9)
  • SHGT: Dr. Who and The Cave (GC605DA)
  • The nicest view, from a mountain in the area, at Iller Conservation area (GC3HDVM).


If  you find geocaches and accumulate enough points (100), you receive a trackable Spokane History GeoTour coin which includes a matching Kinzie.

Geocoin: The Prize for earning 100 points on the Passport

Geocoin: The Prize for earning 100 points on the Passport

What Geocachers are saying about Spokane History GeoTour:


FTF: FTF at a GeoTour Cache

“I went to several museums, did an aviation history cache, stopped by a brewery in Fairfield and walked on several trails. Each cache I found was clearly marked with a password and was placed in an interesting area. Before setting out on this Geo Tour I felt that I already knew quite a bit about the local area history since I had been to many of the area parks on my travels through Spokane but I had not been to any of the museums before. I was amazed at just how much more there is to know about the area history. […] Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a truly fun adventure. This event was a big success and I will look forward to coming back again next year for more fun exploring the Spokane area.” – Go-pher-It

“[…]Today was mostly about completing the Spokane History GeoTour (SHGT) but also picking up some other EarthCaches and Virtuals along the way. What an amazing way to see and learn about this historic area. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to that GeoTour.” – LANMonkey

Additional Information:

Spokane is home to the Cache Cave, an actual brick and mortar geocaching store, where you can redeem your Spokane History GeoTour Passport and pick up the Geocoin. You can also download the passport to get started. Those who stay in Spokane County hotels earn optional GeoTour points.



Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ.