GIFF Weekend Troubleshooting Tips

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  • Do NOT try and watch the reel from dropbox. This is a preview only and does not reflect the file quality. The file MUST be downloaded and played off a computer or DVD (not streaming via internet).

  • TEST THE FILE! You should be absolutely sure that the file you chose will play on the equipment you have available for your screening. We recommend that you watch the file all the way through some time before your event. This will ensure that you won’t have technical difficulties at your event (and thus sad attendees) AND you get the joy of seeing the content before anyone else!

  • Before downloading, make sure your computer is connected to a power source and has sleep mode turned off.

  • If you are having trouble playing the file on your video player, we recommend downloading VLC Player.

  • If one file type (.mp4 or .mov) doesn’t play, download the other and try that.

  • If the download fails, it could be because there was a hiccup in your internet connection. Please try twice before contacting us.

  • If you need to convert the file, we recommend this free application: MPEG Streamclip.

  • We are providing 3 different file sizes because we want you to pick the option that works best for your internet and screening situation. Of course, the bigger file size means better image quality, but we are confident that even the lowest size will be a satisfactory viewing experience.

  • Still having trouble? Email us with as much context as you can. As we learn more troubleshooting tips, we will post them here.