Colorado’s South Park GeoTour


GeoTour: Colorado’s South Park
Location: South Park, Colorado
Number of Favorite Points: 385



Explore hidden lakes surrounded by 14,000 ft peaks. (GC3PAXQ)

Why South Park is a great place to visit:

South Park offers world class recreation opportunities and a true wilderness experience. Activities include gold medal fishing, hiking some of the tallest peaks in the continental United States, and endless mountain bike and 4×4 trails.

Best time of year to visit:

Beat the heat and visit in the summer when highs are usually in the 70s. In July, there’s an annual Burro Days, music and arts festival, and the Park County Fair!

Must-see attractions:

Get lost in South Park City, a recreated 1880s mining town full of bits and pieces of Colorado’s pioneer heritage. Check out the Old Courthouse (GC3PCT7) across the street!

Hidden gems only the locals know about:

Don’t miss the Magnolia Mill (GC3PQ5Y) and its stunning views of mountain vistas and scenic waterfalls. In the winter, you can also spot ice climbers exploring the slopes above!


There are three unique trackable geocoins awarded to you for finding 30, 50, or 75 geocaches.

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What geocachers are saying about South Park GeoTour:


Discover ghost towns that still tell the stories of the miners and ranchers that once called South Park home. (GC3Q2F6)

“Cannot thank SPNHA, and Ms. ED (you know who you are) for all that this series allowed us to experience. You have our sincere appreciation and admiration. THIS is what geocaching is all about, and the CSP GeoTour is truly an experience that we will never forget.”-3 Williams Kidz

“THIS is why I geocache. Wow, beautiful! About half way up I wondered why I was doing this… Then I remembered there was a geocache at the top.”-Phyl & Mike

“This was my first CSP cache, and I’m impressed, by the quality of the cache page, the historical site, and the work on the container – all very nice. Found the cache and took a minute or two to check out the cabin, SL TFTC!” -hiking_fool

Additional Information:

You can also find the oldest geocache in Colorado while you are here (GC18)!

Visit The South Park National Heritage Area website for more information.


Caches will bring you to unique locations that celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of South Park. (GC3PQ2Z)