GeoTours Deliver More Fun With Favorites


Blog post by Geocaching HQ Business Development Coordinator Meg Hatch (Username: Ponystream). 

Looking for ways to earn that first shiny Fun with Favorites souvenir now that the Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 is finally here? Well we’ve got an insider tip for you: try a GeoTour!

GeoTours are special collections of caches designed to take geocachers like you on an awesome journey through interesting places such as a town or city, a park, or even the Kennedy Space Center. Not only do GeoTours guide you through a cool destination, but they will also take you to some pretty cool, highly favorited geocaches. In fact, GeoTour caches earn three times more Favorite Points than other geocaches!

Geocachers are awarding blue ribbons left and right for the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour in Ontario, Canada. This GeoTour launched just over a month ago and has already racked up over 1000 Favorite Points, thanks to caches like GC5RC88. Geocacher whatandwhere says,“Thanks for placing all these amazing caches out there. They certainly took a lot of time to make and a great deal of thought. Still have a few more to find — can’t wait to get back up there to finish them.”


Complete the Prague Airport GeoTour series to receive this awesome wood coin (as if experiencing great geocaches wasn’t enough!)

Or maybe you’ll be passing through the Prague Airport sometime soon. The Prague Airport GeoTour has well over 10+ Favorite Points on each of its cleverly disguised geocaches. Now that’s one way to spend your layover! Like many other GeoTours around the world, the Prague Airport GeoTour even rewards you for completing its GeoTour.

Seeking out highly favorited geocaches is a great way to ensure a fun, unique geocaching experience with your fellow geocachers’ stamp of approval. Geocaching Premium members can grant Favorite Points to their favorite geocache finds and sort by Favorite Points to seek out the best of the best geocaches using the new geocache search. Not yet a Premium member? You can find some awesome geocaches by experiencing a (free!) GeoTour near you.

GeoTours are popping up all around the world, all of the time — there may even be one near you. Now get out there and discover your own favorite geocaches!

Tell us — what GeoTour is closest to you? No GeoTours nearby? Let us know that too so we can try to make one happen!