New Challenge: Leave Your Keyboard at Lunch – Find a Geocache

Before lunchtime geocaching, and after lunchtime geocaching

Before lunchtime geocaching, and after lunchtime geocaching

Ready, set, lunch break geocaching

by: Bri Suffety

You should remember one thing, your keyboard won’t miss you if you leave for lunch. It never does. If you don’t share that dry sandwich, and unfulfilling old piece of fruit with your keyboard, it’s going to be alright. In fact, it probably needs a break and so do you, enter: Geocaching.

School is back in session, the weather is still begging you to get outside and geocache.

Much like the recess bell, lunchtime at the office is a much anticipated moment of our day. However, all too often it gets pushed aside for meetings, workouts or altogether forgotten with a just you, a sandwich and your desk. Ready for something that might make you gasp? Why not take your lunch break back?

There's a whole world to explore through geocaching

There’s a whole world to explore through geocaching

5 easy ways to shake up your midday break and earn a smiley along the way


  • Walk that Way. Pick a geocache within walking distance. Even if you come up empty you can still got to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and exercise a little DNF (Did Not Find) pride. Can you say win win situation?

  • Fun Run. Already grabbed all of the geocaches within walking distance? Need to squeeze in a workout in? Find a geocache you can run or bike to; you’ll have a reason to push yourself to go further or faster and you can’t forget the glorious reward of a new find. Look at you multitasking!

  • How far can you go? Want something a little more adventurous? See how far away from your office you can get. Jump on a bus and stare out the window as you travel into uncharted territory. Allot ⅔ of your break for travel time and ⅓ for finding the geocache and exploring. You might even discover a hidden park or your new favorite food cart.

  • Make a Date. Lunch can be a great time to catch up with friends or your significant other. Next time you’re looking to schedule a lunch date, pick a restaurant with a geocache nearby. You can grab it while you wait or use it as an excuse to walk off your lunch. Invite your date to help. Yes, even if they’re are a muggle; you never know who geocaches and who may be become your new caching partner.

  • Outsmart the weather. Weather isn’t cooperating? Use your time to savor your meal, create a space for yourself mentally and solve that puzzle cache that has been on your to-do list all summer.

The antidote to lunch at your desk

The antidote to lunch at your desk

Set aside your excuses; a busy schedule doesn’t have to be a roadblock. You can spare at least one lunch break this month to go out, stretch your legs and up your geocaching game. Are you up for the challenge?

Do you have a lunchtime geocaching adventure to tell? Share your stories in the comments.