Add a Little Geocaching Mega & Giga to Your August


The Month of Mega-Events + 1st Giga-Event

Imagine walking through a crowd of passionate adventurers and hearing “Travel Bug,” “First to Find” and even a proud, “I love geocaching, a lot, I mean, a lot.” That place exists and August is high time to explore your Mega-Event destiny. A Mega-Event is one of the ultimate gatherings for geocachers. Mega-Events bring together 500 or more geocachers in one location to celebrate our desire for exploration and discovery.

Hey, look at this bookmark list. That’s a list of Mega-Events around the world. Take your pick. You’ll even notice a world’s first. Project MUNICH2014 is the world’s first Giga-Event, an event with more than 5,000 geocachers.

If you’re stateside in August, visit Geocaching HQ in Seattle for the Geocaching Block Party. You’ll meet the team behind Geocaching. From the designers on the website, to the community team to our app developers, we’ll all be at the Geocaching Block Party hoping to meet you.

Events like the Geocaching Block Party and Project MUNICH2014 take place on August 16 for a reason: it’s International Geocaching Day. Whether you’re attending one of the many events that day or just out geocaching on August 16, you will earn a special souvenir for your geocaching profile. And you can remember joining the global geocaching community in a day of caching with this new International Geocaching Day Geocoin. Now, stop reading, and starting planning your Mega-Event adventure!