DIY “Wow Power” for Your Next Log

geocache log types

5 Steps to Craft Award-Winning “Found it!” Logs

There are plenty of log types out there, but none more fun than earning a smiley by logging a “Found it!” Check out 5 quick tips to inspire your fellow geocachers with your next log entry.

  • Tell Your Story – The geocache log you write is like the preview to a movie. You’re telling geocachers about an adventure they could experience. Maybe your journey involved seeing the first leaves of spring, looking out from a mountain top or meeting other geocachers on the trail. Your logs help other geocachers decide if the geocache looks fun and exciting enough for them to find.
  • Add a Picture – A picture of a geocacher’s crooked smile after a find says a lot about a geocache. It’s easy to upload pictures on the fly with a Geocaching mobile app. If you’re wondering about the power of a picture in a log check out the 1000 most recent log images. It’s an ever-changing visual gallery of geocaching pictures from around the globe.
  • Name Some Names – Geocaching is all about community. Share the geocaching usernames for those who joined you out in the field. It’s a quick way to help build the local geocaching community and it makes meeting people at Geocaching Mega-Events or Event Caches easier.
  • Add a Favorite Point – Geocaching Favorite Points let you compliment the geocache hider and nudge other geocachers to check out this geocache. While only Premium Members can earn and reward Favorite Points, every can see them.
  • Say Thanks – It’s easy. Watch this, “Thank you for reading this Geocaching Weekly Newsletter.” It feels good. When you log a geocache and say “thank you” it means so much to the geocacher who hid and maintains the geocache. And don’t forget if the geocache needs maintenance leave a “Needs Maintenance” log.

Tell us your tip for great logs in comments!