Geocache Hider: Tips to Level Up Your Geocache


      Revisit Your Geocaches, Leave Them Feeling New

      Let’s paint a mental picture: on cold, dark, rainy, frost-bitten, locust-infested nights—and all other nights—your geocache waits, hoping for intrepid explorers to sign the logbook. But if your geocache is lonelier than you expected, it might ultimately be waiting for a very special someone: you. Geocaches don’t just require maintenance; some may need some more tender loving care. If your geocache isn’t getting the “Found it!” after “Found it!” logs you think it deserves, there are options to help up the find count.

      • Rewrite the description: Be creative, add some humor, local insight and upload a few pictures to the geocache page.
      • If you’re not fundamentally changing the experience, choosing a sturdier container or adding a splash of personality to your geocache will help cultivate Favorite Points and lead more people to your adventure.
      • Double-check your coordinates. People might be trying to find your geocache, but are led astray.
      • Did you choose a container size on your geocache page? If the container is listed as “size not chosen” it might discourage people from searching for your geocache.
      • Get advice from a notable geocache maker in your neighborhood, attend a Maker Madness event to up-level your geocaching hiding game.
      • And if you’re not interested in maintaining the geocache anymore, it’s okay to archive your geocache and open up the location to other hiders, or even adopt it out to another geocacher.  ​

        What advice would you offer to new geocache hiders? Share your maker advice in comments below or on the Geocaching Facebook page.