Arrrrrrr you fan of Pirates? — Nashuan’s First Cache (GC1D56C) — Geocache of the Week

A happy mini-cacher making the find. Photo by geocacher Fee&me

Geocaching can be a bit like searching for hidden treasure. For instance, just like having an X on a map, we have satellites that tell us exactly where the “booty” is hidden. And just like a treasure chest filled with gold doubloons, we have ammo cans that are filled with…Well maybe that’s a bad analogy. Anyway, it’s no secret that geocachers have a certain affinity for seafaring, treasure-hunting, patch-and-parrot-adorned pirates—so finding a pirate-themed geocache like this week’s Geocache of the Week should be on every geocacher’s to-do list.

Geocacher Nashuan‘s first geocache, creatively named Nashuan’s First Cache (GC1D56C), is an extraordinary pirate-themed geocache located in New Hampshire, USA. While this is a two-stage multi-cache, the difficulty and terrain ratings are only 1.5, so the journey shouldn’t be too taxing. However, be sure to pay attention to the geocache description—without it, you’ll be left locked out of the geocache.

The pirates trying to figure out how to access the booty. Photo by Frau Potter

The pirates trying to figure out how to access the booty. Photo by Frau Potter

Once you’ve arrived at the final location and unlocked the final stage, this geocache shows the true reason why it’s being awarded Geocache of the Week. You unveil the scene of, “Captain Jack, his first mate Arthur and his second mate Nate in the dungeon of the Castle Waltraud; trying to get into the treasure room in search of gold doubloon sig. item coins that they can use to place in caches throughout the area.” The scene is complete with a goblet that tilts down to reveal travel bugs and a leather-bound logbook.

The geocachers who have earned their smiley on this geocache agree: the craftsmanship and creativity that went into creating this geocache is incredible. In a recent trip to the area, Geocaching HQ staffer Frau Potter had the opportunity to find this geocache. In her log, she writes, “Wow! I have found many geocaches. This one is near the top of the heap. The kids were delighted since they are often disappointed that other geocaches don’t have “treasure”. It was a dream come true to find the “x” marks the spot. Thanks to the cache owner got the great effort it took to construct and maintain this one. You sure set a high standard for others.”

For a closer look at the geocache and how it was made, check out this video Nashuan made of the creation process:  (Warning: Spoiler Alert)

We’re continually blown away by geocachers who push the limits of creativity with the geocaches they publish. What geocacher has hidden geocaches that totally blow your mind? Let us know in the comments.

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