Check with the moon before you go. – Father Thames & the Mermaid (As tides go by) – Geocache of the Week: Video Edition

Before we get started with the very first Geocache of the Week: Video Edition, a quick note: the video contains spoilers with permission from the geocache creator.

Some geocaches are found easiest at night, others during the day. And some, like this week’s Geocache of the Week, are easiest at low tide (high tide would require SCUBA gear). Check out the video of geocacher Skwarepeg as she journeys into the River Thames in search of Father Thames & the Mermaid (As tides go by) (GC3KG2m).

This difficulty 3, terrain 2 geocache was created by 83cad. When asked about his inspiration for this geocache, he cites his grandaughter. She likes going to London and the beach, so this location provided the opportunity to do a little bit of everything she enjoys in one day. And regarding all of the positive logs and favorite points, he said “When I get positive logs from people I don’t know or never met, I feel a tremendous satisfaction in knowing that we are all sharing a common enjoyment.”

Sunny London from near GZ. Photo by geoacher Von-Horst.

There are many different geocaches that are easiest to find with certain conditions. What’s your favorite “condition” dependent geocache?

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