Never Cancel Event May 11



Welcome to a freefamily-friendlyOUTRAGEOUSLY FUN geocaching! adventure 

100 feet … 35 feet … 10 feet … arriving at destination!  

On May 11, 2013, the adventure comes to
York River State Park near Williamsurg, VA.

Geocaching is an electronic treasure hunt using GPS technology.  If you have a GPS-enabled phone or a handheld GPS receiver, you already have what you need to play.  It’s a great activity for families, individuals, scouting units*, youth groups, college students, or anyone looking for a different kind of challenge that tests both your wits and your sense of adventure.

Started in 2000, there are now over two million geocaches hidden on all seven continents.  Chances are you’ve walked right past geocaches without realizing it.  They are hidden in the woods, on nature trails, under the bench at the bus stop, and at your local shops.  They are often cleverly disguised to hide in plain sight.

Experience the thrill of the find!   The Never Cancel Geocache Challenge!

*Both Boy Scout and Girl Scout units may work toward their respective Geocaching or Letterboxing badges at this event.  Please the the FAQ section for details.