Geocaching, the Gift of Friendship

Share Geocaching: Build a Friendship

Geocaching with Friends = Better

Geocaching with Friends = Better

It’s time to pack along more than just your phone or GPS device on your next geocaching adventure, bring a friend along too. Geocaching is best shared with others. It’s also easiest to explain geocaching when you’re actually out in the field searching. Looking for a friend to take along? It’s easy to connect with other geocachers and share the adventure at a Geocaching event.

Check out the Geocaching Event Calendar. There are hundreds of Event Cachesplanned around the world just this month. By logging an “Attended” on an Event Cache, you’ll not only earn a smiley, but also meet new geocachers. You can also track down a local geocaching organization that can connect you with geocachers who know the lay of the land in your region. You’ll find the people to call when you’re baffled by a difficult geocache in your area and in need of a hint.

See how easy it is to geocache on the fly with a friend using a Geocaching app in this new video.


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