Cache ‘o Mat (GC1A11C) – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 24, 2013

Cache 'o Mat - the geocache vending machine

Cache ‘o Mat – the geocache vending machine


Geocaches come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Cache ‘o Mat (GC1A11C) on the other hand, a one of a kind geocache vending machine, has set a new standard for unique geocaches.

It’s easy to spot, easy to get stickers and easy to see why this is a favorite geocache. Sometimes, however, it’s not as simple to log the difficulty 3.5, terrain 1 geocache as it appears. In order to do so, geocachers will need to use their geo-sense.

While the geocache sits in plain sight, it is not highly muggle-sensitive. With some creativity from the geocache owner and help from the German geocaching musical act Dosenfischer, geocachers can enjoy a one of a kind geocaching anthem (in German) at the vending machine. Now, how often do you get that kind of entertainment when you find a geocache?

Jeremy signed the logbook

Jeremy signed the logbook

Thanks to JoFrie, this clever and creative geocache has been part of the Niedersachsen, Germany community since March, 2008. Over 1,800 geocachers have claimed their smiley and awarded it 849 Favorite Points. Among those who logged the geocache is Geocaching CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremy Irish.

The extensive and elaborate logs describe a lot of fun and entertaining experiences – exactly what this geocache is all about!

Cache 'o Mat Logbook

Cache ‘o Mat Logbook

One geocacher writes, “Natürlich habe auch ich schon oft von diesem Schmuckstück gehört. Zu finden ist die Lokation ja nicht unbedingt schwer. Aber das sieht man auch schon auf den ersten Blick ins Listing. Das Auffinden der eigentlichen Dose war dann schon schwieriger, hat aber Spaß gemacht. Einfach mal alles ausprobiert, überall gedrückt und gezogen, bis nach einiger Zeit tatsächlich etwas ruckte. Klasse gemacht, wirklich. Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Cache!”

This translates to, “Of course, I have often heard of this gem. Finding the location isn’t exactly difficult. But, you can see that at the first glance of the listing. Finding the actual box was then more difficult, but it has been fun. Just tried everything – pushed everywhere and pulled everything. After some time, something snapped. Well done, really. Thanks for this great cache!”

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There's something for everyone at this vending machine!

There’s something for everyone at this vending machine!