Geocaching in the News – A Story Worth Telling

Alaska airlines

Alaska Airlines article (click to read)

Geocachers grab headlines around the world as Ambassadors of Adventure, Everyday Explorers or just those people doing that new outdoor tech thing. While geocaching is not new to us, more and more people are seeing geocaching in the news and in TV shows.

swiss magazine bryan roth

Geocaching Co-Founder Bryan Roth speaks to the Swiss Magazine The Gentlemen’s Club. (click to read p33)

You’re part of an emerging hobby that gets people outside and into adventure. Geocachers are a global band of tech-guided explorers some five million strong. Sometimes the geocaching adventure is just around the corner, other times the hunt delivers geocachers to the top of a mountain. But people always love to hear about the geocaching journey, especially in the media.

In the past weeks and months, geocaching has appeared in publications around the globe. Geocaching was featured as a tool to see and experience the world in a new way in the USAToday video, “Want a modern day treasure hunt? Go geocaching.” Geocaching Co-Founder Bryan Roth helped Swiss readers of the magazine The Gentleman’s Guide (p.33) learn more about the addictive hobby. A police officer, who’s also a geocacher, used the Geocaching app to help find a lost hiker. The story made national news in the United States. Even airline passengers are reading about geocaching in the Alaska Airlines Magazine.

USAToday video of Geocaching

USAToday video of Geocaching (click to watch)

Geocaching delivers something most technologies cannot – and it’s worth writing about. Geocaching takes people outside to connect with each other. Every time you sign a log book or replace a geocache where you just found it, you’re adding to the story of that location. You connect to a community with each geocache you find. You also care for the environment along the way. It’s a newspaper article or television story that never gets old.

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