1.3.13 @ 1.3.13 (UTC+1)

N 37° 30.874 W 077° 41.565
UTM: 18S E 262011 N 4155364
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In Virginia, United States
W W 2.5 mi from your home location

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Cache in the new year on 1-3-13 @ 13:03:13 (UTC+1)


Some interesting numerology and how this time came to be.

Ideally we would meet at local time 01:03:13 or 01:03:13 PM. Let the numbers do the talking to find out the right time.
1st odd prime number is 3.
13 is a Baker’s Dozen.
13 is the 6th (2×3) prime number.

This is a location based game, so how does the date as a location speak to us?

Let’s put the date into somewhat standard geocaching location and see what happens.

S 13° 2.013 E 13° 2.013
That is a location not far from a dirt road in Angola. Angola is in the timezone (UTC+1).
The time in Angola is 1 ahead of London (England) and 6 ahead of Richmond (VA).

So the date tells us to arrive at 01:03:13 (AM) in Angola, which is 19:03:13 (PM)

Please be sure and arrive at the proper coordinates (posted above) at the proper LOCAL time of:

19:03:13 UTC-5 (A very prime time, but for those who cannot subtract 12 and show up after sunset, 7:03 (and 13 seconds) PM EST)

Those with Triskaidekaphobia should avoid the entire year. However, if that phobia affects you, feel somewhat safe in the obscurity of the meeting date, time, and place.


Event will start at 7:03:13 PM EST, last exactly 13 minutes and 13 seconds, unless you would like to stay longer.

Be at the commons area of Westchester Commons {near Sweet Frog} and mass assemble (flash mob style) at 7:03 precisely. Arrive early as parking or traffic may be a problem. If you are not present at the start of the event, please do not log attended. There may distractions for you to seek, so please wait until after the event to be distracted.

To the Chinese people of the world, 13 is a lucky number.

After the event, some of us will stop at Sweet Frog for some lucky treats.


Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Fubj hc ng 7:03:13 CZ RFG sbe 13 zvahgrf ba Wna 3, 2013