…wo hab Ich den Cache denn nochmal hingelegt??? (GC1DZ17) – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – December 27, 2012

Where to start …

Since 2008, this Geocache of the Week geocache owner has been asking himself “…wo hab Ich den Cache denn nochmal hingelegt???” (GC1DZ17). That is, “where did I place that cache again???” To answer his question, we head to Hamburg, Germany, where the difficulty 2, terrain 2 geocache has been named an absolute favorite among geocachers.

The geocache “wonders” within a small radius of the initial coordinates. Finding it requires a sixth sense, known as the geocaching instinct. You see, Mr.T has asked geocachers to hide the geocache in the same manner they found it, but place it in a slightly different location. In order to understand this request, we should probably explain that the geocache location is comprised of at least seven dozen flower pots.

Logging the find

The flower pots were placed in front of the Hamburg Constitutional Court about 10 years ago as an art project. The geocache moves from one flower pot to another, adding a little challenge to uncovering the hidden treasure. The cache coordinates will bring geocachers to the concrete block in front of the court house, but then it’s up to geocachers to find out which flower pot holds the small “wandering” cache container.

Flower pots on iron pillars

As the cache page suggests, “ist ja garnicht so einfach,” meaning “it’s not that easy,” when you have 90 iron pillars to search from in this fairly high muggle area, but nearly 2,000 geocachers have managed to log a smiley and awarded it 261 Favorite Points. The extensive logs capture a lot of fun and entertaining experiences.

One geocacher logging this find wrote, “What a great idea! I had this cache on my watch list for some time. It took us a little while to find it. At first there were some muggles around us and we didn’t want to look suspicious. It also took us a while to find it. It’s not as easy as it looks with so many flower pots. We checked some of them twice and then finally there it was! Funny how it’s always the one you never expected. We re-hid it in a different location as advised. Good luck to the next cachers. 

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The cache container