NaGeira’s Treasure – GC6EDE – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – November 22, 2012

Your adventure awaits

Coordinates to this kid-friendly geocache deliver you to a remote island off eastern Canada. Your thirst for adventure leads you to a mysterious door. The passage is carved into a sheer cliff. The salty sea air heightens your awareness. You’re near a hidden pirate treasure. The deserted beach, on a rocky shore will reveal a secret if you can only follow the clues.

A pirate’s treasure

NaGeira’s Treasure (GC6EDE) was hidden by Alastair Allan (aviex) & Sherilyn Beaton. It’s rested in a moss covered cove for ten years. The cache owners described the cache as, “an adventure for the kids and an interesting afternoon.”

They weave a pirates tale with the cache description. “NaGeira’s treasure was wrested from the dastardly pirate Peter Easton by the people of Conception Bay and hidden underground on the Treasure Island. A recently discovered parchment… appears to give directions to the hiding place.”

In search of treasure

Nearly 150 geocaching teams logged smileys on this cache since it was hidden July of 2002. The difficulty 2.5, terrain 3 traditional cache in Newfoundland and Labrador has accumulated more than 20 Favorite Points. Geocachers who find the cache say, “Well isn’t this what caching is all about! Seeking treasure in a memorable location that makes you almost forget what you planned to do for the rest of the day. That was certainly our experience: a lunch on the beach and exploring for the rest of the afternoon. Truly one of of our all-time favourites. The stuff ‘caching memories’ are made of 

Getting closer…

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