Jingle Flash! GC41MHP N 37° 32.976 W 077° 34.265

‘Tis the season! Join your geo-friends in a fun Flash Mob Geo-Event, at a nearby outdoor mall – bring along some jingle bells and a santa hat, and of course, your GPS and a smile!

A 15 minute geocaching event.
The event begins at 2:00 PM and will end precisely at 2:15 PM.

The event will proceed as follows:

At 2:00 PM EST, cachers arrive at the posted coordinates, and mill around, while inconspicuously finding me, holding a box wrapped as a present, which will hold the logs, and some treats.

Have your cache name pre-signed and ready to drop into the box (whether you participated or not, you need to drop in your name to claim a Smiley for the event) . In exchange for your name, you will receive a goody from the box, with co-ordinates to an optional 2nd stage!

Between 2:05 and 2:10, we will make a circle around the nearby Christmas Tree, and prepare to sing, laugh, and jingle your bells! Sing what? Sing this:

Caching thru the snow
With GPS in play
Looking for the prize
Laughing all the way

Ticks are gone till spring
Making spirits bright
Oh what fun it is to be
A first to find tonight Oh

Jingle bells, jingle bells Caching every day
Oh what fun it is to be
A first to find today, oh

Jingle bells, jingle bells Caching every day
Oh what fun to laugh with friends
And cache along the way – HEY!

Directly after that last HEY – disband and go back to milling around, or follow us to stage 2, for some hot chocolate and cookies!

At 2:15, the event is over. I am asking for those who participate to wear anything geocaching related, along with a Santa hat, if you have one ( but keep them hidden until we sing). A nice display of GPSrs around the neck would be nice, too, but also keep them hidden until we begin to convene. Please record in your Will Attend log the number of participants in your group, or if you are just an observer.

Additional Hints (Encrypt)

Practice your singing!!