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Event Cache 12-12-12 RVA Flash Mob

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Event Date: 12/12/2012

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Come on out for a lunchtime flashmob to celebrate all things 12!

We geocachers sure love our digital moments! Let’s celebrate in style with a 12-12-12 Flash Mob near 1212 E. Broad Street, lasting for 12minutes (12:00-12:12pm). This is an OUTDOOR flash mob, so please dress accordingly (and pray that it is NOT 12 degrees out!)

A quick (12 minute) flash mob from noon to12:12 for all us RVA folks to meet up, sign a log, pose for a fun picture, and then head on back to your lunch break, work, school, or wherever you came from. To make things interesting, bust out your creativity and bring something along that represents the number12. It can be a decorated poster board, a jersey with the number 12 on it, or if its cold, wear 12pairs of socks!! As long as it has something to do with 12! I will bring a couple dozen cookies to share for our 12 minutes of fun 🙂

The meeting location is at the Patterson Memorial Garden, located between Marshall and Broad Streets, and 11th and 12th Streets. Please note that 12th Street is closed to vehicles, but is open for pedestrians- use it to access the garden that is nestled amongst the buildings. Look for me wearing an orange geocaching hat!