3 CVGA Members out to set record

Tonight at Midnight three CVGA members will set the bar for future geocachers in a fun and unique challenge.

NPGlenn, Icefrog and Altbiers, will start a 24 hour journey to cache in as many states as they can in that time frame.

You can watch the Live blog at http://georgehatchell.com/mainetomissouri/ as the day unfolds.

NPGlenn,”Challenges have always been my favorite part of caching, and sometimes I create my own self imposed challenges.  For one year I have been figuring out how many states I could cache in one day.  I asked many cachers who wanted to join me, but it wasnt until I mentioned it to Altbiers a few weeks ago that I got a yes.  He pulled Icefrog into it and dates were looked at.  Since we were at the time year with the most daylight, it seemed like a perfect time.”

Icefrog, “When Alt first asked me to do this,I thought he was kidding. But then I though what the heck.”

Altbiers, “Gotta love an epic roadtrip!”

All three are set up to blog and post. Follow the excitement and see that results.