Hunter’s Deceit — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by jewilk1
Oregon, United States
N 45° 27.610′ W 122° 50.036′

One of the more enjoyable parts of geocaching can be the use of deliberate misdirection,” says Cache Owner jewilk1.

Some could argue that hides of this type are considered evil, tormenting, and scream-inducing. Others enjoy the masochistic search for a cache that is hidden in plain sight. Jewilk1 takes a new-age approach to a classic deceptive hide: a 3D printed fake log. 

This Geocache of the Week is hidden in a neighborhood park with lots of green trees, fallen leaves, and a narrow stream. A trail weaves between the trees and leads you to the cache’s hiding spot. If you are in a wooded area you can expect there to be broken branches and downed trees, which serve as the perfect red-herrings. Whether you’re turning over a log or a new leaf this cache will challenge your patience.

The beauty is in the design — this well-camouflaged cache was 3D printed to look authentic as well as stand up to the elements. This takes a lot of planning and thought to achieve. The false log was designed to blend in with the environment like a chameleon in the forest.

Hunter’s Deceit shows off the playful mimicry and creative skills of the cache owner as an effective hider. To jewilk1, a quality cache should have at least one of the following components: a special or unique location, a very creative container, or a fun storythe best caches weave all three components together.

Red herring

From a geocacher who found it:

“It took a fair amount of looking, poking around, and reading previous logs before we finally spotted this delightful cache. Well done indeed! It certainly earns its many favorite points, and we’ll add ours. I’m glad we were here on a nice dry day because this area in wet weather is going to be pretty slippery. TFTC & the fun search.” – kiraboodog

Jewilk1 is a creative thinker and cache creator. When it comes to 3D printing and deception, Hunter’s Deceit is only the tip of the iceberg. We interviewed them on their creations, where they find their inspiration, and have permission to share some of their coolest hides. Look out for the interview tomorrow and check out the gallery below to get a glimpse into what else they have up their sleeve.

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