Changes to the Geocaching HQ Newsletter

Earlier this year we sent you a survey to learn more about your preferences around the Geocaching HQ Newsletter. Afterall, our goal with the newsletter is to send you valuable content that you can use to improve your geocaching experiences. Based on the feedback received, we are making the following changes to the newsletter:

  • Basic members will now receive the newsletter on a monthly basis. Over 60% of Basic members who responded said they would prefer to receive the newsletter less frequently. Note: we know some updates need to be timely and we’ll make sure you still receive those.
  • Premium members will continue to receive the newsletter on a weekly basis. The newsletter will be called The Logbook by Geocaching HQ and will include Premium member sneak peeks to upcoming promotions, features, and more, as well as other relevant geocaching news.
  • Geocaching is a global game and we’d like to work towards more localized content across all our platforms. Both the weekly and monthly English newsletters will still include links to translated content on the Geocaching blog in German, French, and Spanish. Additionally, The Logbook By Geocaching HQ (Premium member newsletter) will be emailed directly in German and French to those who have their home coordinates set in either of those countries.

Each newsletter will have a link to easily provide feedback and you can update your email preferences anytime by visiting the Settings page while logged into your Geocaching account. We look forward to continuing to improve the Geocaching HQ Newsletter!

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