by beans&franks
North Carolina
N 35° 14.920′ W 075° 36.526′

Get ready for take off! There’s a geocache in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that may eclipse the other geocaches on your find list. GREETINGS OBX EARTHLINGS landed on Earth on July of 2014. Prepare for a close encounter with the fourth kind while at ground zero. But it’s ok, these aliens come in peace.

The flying saucer is referred to as a Futuro House. Despite being miles off the East Coast of the United States, over 600 geocachers have gravitated towards the shiny spaceship to claim their find and see the spaceship for themselves. Originally, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen created these houses in the 1960’s and 1970’s to function as ski cabins, but the intent was lost as they were marketed as a hip and trendy homes for the future.

Geocachers beans&franks discovered this spacey Futuro Home in a junkyard and refurbished it with a nice new silver paint job (originally green). While it may be rated a D/T 1.5, don’t be afraid to phone home and get help finding the cache. Once the cache is found you’re encouraged to pose either with, or as, an alien.

This cache sounds like from it’s out of this world (probably because it’s a spaceship), but have you heard the news? You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our solar system. A spaceship isn’t necessary, just hop on our Geocaching® app, fire up your GPS, maybe bring along a few trackables to drop, and you’re ready for blast off!

Check out how you can embark on an interstellar journey and earn souvenirs at each planet along the way.

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