Book of Minnesota: A trackable journal

Geocaching duo Abe&Carly set out to create a trackable that was both memorable and inspiring. As opposed to the normal coin or Travel Bug tag they came up with the idea to try and capture the handlers creativity and leave their mark on the trackable. They created a trackable journal where geocachers could draw pictures, write stories, and show their creativity.

“There had to more to bugs than simply having an inanimate object moving from place to place,” says Abe.

The trackable journal, entitled “Book of Minnesota,” was intended to only roam around the state of Minnesota but traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada, collecting stories along the way.

45,000 km (~28,000 mi) and almost 16 years later the journal is back in Minnesota. It was most recently logged on the 3rd of March.

“Over the years it has come and gone, but it always shows up. We thought it was lost for sure at one point and was unheard of again for a year or two. From what we’ve seen, the people haven’t disappointed us. There are a lot of creative people out there and they take pride in their work. I’m so glad people love it, contribute to it, and keep it safe on it’s journey.”

Their advice to geocachers: “Be kind to the bugs, keep them moving.”

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