I ❤️ Paris – Geocache of the Week

by starless
Paris, France
N 48° 51.270′ E 002° 21.140′

Paris has a long and eventful history. In 508 A.D. Clovis the Frank, the first king of the Merovingian dynasty, made the city the capital of France.

Nowadays, Paris is considered to be the city of love. Couples from around the globe choose Paris as a destination for a romantic getaway and to be immersed in the rich culture of the city. For geocachers, our Geocache of the Week offers an additional reward for visiting the famous sites the city has to offer.

The “I ❤️ Paris” Wherigo lets you explore Paris like any ordinary muggle while hunting for an elusive cache at the same time. Stages are placed at forty landmarks across Paris and its surroundings. You must discover five of them to get the coordinates of the final cache. You can start the game wherever you want since there is no particular order of finds. Just be advised that the final location is not very far from the published coordinates.

But there is a twist — you do not know where those forty stages are. If you think you are in an interesting location or near a landmark, get out your mobile phone and start the Wherigo cartridge to see if it is part of it. So while you marvel at the French Gothic architecture of Notre-Dame de Paris, ascend to the top of the Eiffel Tower, stare at Mona Lisa’s smile, take a stroll along the Seine, or relax in a cafe in Montmartre — make sure to open the cartridge and see if you are closer to your goal.

After you collect your five stages and make your way towards the final coordinates, fond memories of the journey that got you here will be on your mind, and, as your sign the logbook, you too will say: “Je t’aime Paris”.

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