Y2EL’s Bugs, Bugs, Octopus – ‘Much Ado’ — Geocache of the Week

by Y2EL and Pipesy
East Midlands, United Kingdom
N 53° 08.308 W 000° 47.426
We like big caches and we can not lie

We like big caches and we can not lie

Y2EL’s Bugs, Bugs, Octopus – ‘Much Ado’ is a big cache. How big? Well, big enough to fit most of your body inside. In fact, this may be one of the larger caches in the United Kingdom. The journey to the cache may be challenging due to the nettles and thistles in the area, but the reward is worth it.

The cache can be found after a decent hike alongside the River Trent in the East Midlands region of the Uk. The container forces you to climb inside all the way to the very back in order to log the cache.

This cache will make you feel silly. This cache will make you laugh. This cache will give your friends and families plenty of embarrassing photos to share with the world.

One fellow cacher said, “One of the advantages of being the one doing the admin is that you are blissfully unaware of how silly you look to the folks waiting for you to finish.”

Another said, “Thank you so much for the laughs today. We have done many of your caches over the years, not sure whether to hug you or, can’t repeat what hubby said about you…”

For those who’ve made the trek and shoved their bodies into the claustrophobic constraints of this cache, the next logical question is, “How in the world did the cache owners get this container out here?” The answer is simple: They obviously think inside the box.

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Then turn around, stick it out
Even cachers got to shout
Baby got cache



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