Geocache of the Week — Pirates of the Grand: The Legend of DKs Treasure

by discuskrib
Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N 43° 25.330′ W 080° 24.930′

Yer tale begins in a disreputable harbor tavern, where ye seek information ‘bout lost pirate gold from a grizzled ole sea dog…

‘Tis how this aquatic pirate treasure hunt begins.

Mark me words, ye’d better be prepared ‘afore setting off! ‘Tis a six-stage Multi-Cache on th’ Grand River requirin’ a boat t’ paddle ‘n collect clues t’ th’ final location.

Ye may encounter restless ghosts, bloodthirsty pirates, bloodthirstier insects, muggles in canoes, lost treasures, an’ epic adventure!

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