Geocache of the Week: Twin Pirates Treasure Hunt

by MrFisherman
N 41° 19.895′ W 081° 27.405′

Ahoy! Any true pirate knows th’ best treasures be hidden far away from th’ shore, tucked away, ‘n safe from bein’ picked off by scalawags (muggles). Legend has it that a cap’n (cacheowner) by th’ name o’ MrFisherman hid thar treasure deep in th’ woods. Four pieces o’ th’ booty map be in th’ vast wilderness awaitin’ discovery ‘n be put together.

Now be advised, th’ mosquitoes in them thar waters be as large as whales! So in th’ heat of the summer, bring yer harpoon or a bottle o’ bug repellent. Beware this be no ordinary treasure hunt. She covers about nigh-on o’ ankle twistin’ trails ‘n a good amount o’ bushwackin’, but she’s worth a bag o’ gold!

A treasure chest awaits ye at th’ final stage o’ th’ Multi-Cache. Will ye live to tell th’ tale o’ th’ Twin Pirates Treasure Hunt?


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