We interviewed the Mega-Event hosts who are about to attempt a Guinness World Record

There are a lot of awesome geocachers out there. Some look for long lost geocaches, others go for 15 countries within 24 hours, and now a group of German mega event organizers are attempting an official Guinness World Record. There will be an attempt to create the world’s largest guestbook at the Maije im Saarland Mega Event in Germany this year. We’ve taken the opportunity to  interview the event organizers.

Geocaching.com: Wow, great idea! We all love to sign logbooks — and geocachers love records! Can you share some more details on what your plan is?

Maije im Saarland: We’ll try to build the world’s largest guestbook or for geocachers — the world’s largest logbook! This attempt is already registered with Guinness World Records now and we’ll try to get the world record during our Maije im Saarland Mega Event on May 27, 2017 in Losheim am See, Germany.

GC: How was this idea formed?

MiS: In autumn of last year we were thinking about what kind of logbook we could provide during our Mega Event. The initial idea was to provide a really long clothesline (to hang some log sheets on), but it turned into the idea to provide a really huge logbook. We reached out to Guinness World Records in November and now they are just waiting for us to provide evidence. After the approval, we reached out to different companies including Bresser who has agreed to provide the paper for logbook pages. We are currently planning out how we’ll build the book cover and bind everything together. Furthermore, we now need to provide statements from eyewitnesses and authorized experts, video and photographic evidence, and some more documentation.

GC: This really sounds like a lot of effort! From a clothesline to the largest guestbook — how will it look and how large will it be?

MiS: We are still working on the design and the only thing we are certain about is that we need to break the current record of 2.62m x 3.15m and get at least 250 signatures! This should not be an issue for a Mega Event — we envision getting ten times this number 🙂

GC: How can the geocachers sign the logbook?

MiJ: The guestbook will be available during our event on May 27, 2017 in the public area totally free of charge!

GC: Thanks for doing this for the community. We wish you all the best of luck. Have lots of fun geocachers!

MiJ: We love to give back, and we would love to have as many people as possible to sign our guestbook!

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