Brand new geocaching country souvenir for Russia

By Nicole Jendro, Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ

We are excited to announce our newest country souvenir: Russia!


As the largest country on earth, Russia has many wonders to show and one of the best ways to find them is through geocaching, or “геокэшинг”. From the desolate wildlife reserves to the cosmopolitan streets of Moscow, Russia is an exciting destination for adventurers and geocachers alike.

Tolbachik volcano

GC2DG9N | by X-JAM | D2/T4 | EarthCache


‘Tolbachik volcano’ is Russia’s easternmost cache. This EarthCache brings you to a research station at the active volcano Tolbachik. The last eruption happened as recently as 2013.

Inside Volcano Mutnovsky

GCY8QY | by Pitr & Oleg | D3/T3 | Traditional Cache


If you like to get your feet warm, find this Traditional Cache, Inside Volcano Mutnovsky. Another active volcano, this location promises gorgeous views and stunning clouds of volcanic gas.

Мыс Хобой

GC2BC0T | by kapsa | D2/T3.5 | Traditional Cache



GC2BC0N | by kapsa | D2/T2.5 | Multi-Cache


Visiting ‘Мыс Хобой’ will give you a great view of Lake Baikal and ‘Кругобайкалка’ teaches about the lake’s railway that was once part of the Trans-Siberian Railway route.

Moscow Kremlin

GC2Q7KY | by Mr. REM Esq. | D2/T2 | Wherigo


Learn about the fascinating history of the Kremlin in Moscow while enjoying this Wherigo.


GC3A264 | by -CJ- | D1.5/T1 | Traditional Cache


Learn how the Tishinsky flea market began after WWII in the heart of Moscow by finding this traditional geocache.

St. Petersburg’s Most Beautiful

GCGNHF | by Gary Samad | D1/T1 | Virtual Cache | 611 favorite points


We’ll unveil one or two new souvenirs every week until all FIVE are officially released and awarded by mid December. Souvenirs that are currently available can be found here. A list of currently available geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you’ve already earned can be found on And, if you’ve already found a geocache in Russia, we will automatically add this souvenir to your profile.

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