What’s the difference between geocaching souvenirs, badges, and trackable icons?

Souvenirs, badges, and icons are all virtual pieces of art for your profile to discover, display, and collect on your geocaching profile page. But each serves a different purpose, and they’re located on different parts of your profile. Let’s break it down:


Souvenirs are associated with a particular location (such as a country) and may also be bound by time (such as International EarthCache Day). They are added to your profile by geocaching.com. There are two ways to earn souvenirs.

The first is to log a geocache within a souvenir zone, such as a country. For instance, if you logged a geocache in the state of Washington in the United States, you would receive a Washington State souvenir.

The second is to log a geocache within a predetermined time frame, such as a special day. For instance, if you logged a geocache on the 3rd Saturday of August, you’d earn the International Geocaching Day souvenir.

Examples of Geocaching Souvenirs


Badges are associated with a statistics or completing particular tasks such as:

  • Number of consecutive finds (365 in one year)
  • Milestones (finding 500 geocaches)
  • Number of caches owned (10 caches)
  • Number of trackables moved/discovered, and so on

Badges are manually added to a geocacher’s profile page with HTML code, usually from a third-party sight such as Project-gc.com or BadgeGen.com.

Here are examples of badges from BadgeGen.com:

Examples of Geocaching Badges

They are occasionally awarded by Geocaching.com, such as the case of the HQ Duck Dash badge. And here’s what a badge on a profile might look like:

Examples of Geocaching Badge


Icons are associated with trackables, Travel Bugs, and geocoins. Many are unique and represent specific trackable series such as events, Geocaching Employees (often lovingly referred to as “Lackeys”), or promotions.

Here are some examples of digital icons for trackables:

Generic icon: 

Custom Icons:    

Custom Promotional Icons:       

And here’s what a trackable icon on a profile under the “Trackables” tab might look like:

Examples of Geocaching Trackable Icons


Whatever your geocaching style, earning and displaying souvenirs, badges, and icons can add an additional layer of fun and motivation for geocaches. How do you show your geo-accomplishments? Tell us in the comments below!

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