And the March 2016 Geocachers of the Month Are…

Carina & Lasse!

Swedish geocachers Carina & Lasse have found more than 8,500 caches together, but the really impressive number for this team is 4,838. That’s the total number of favorite points on the geocaches they own.

Their prowess as geocache hiders and their positive influence in the Swedish geocaching community is the reason Carina & Lasse are the March 2016 Geocachers of the Month.

Congratulations Carina & Lasse!

Carina and Lasse having a snack.

Carina & Lasse picked up geocaching as a hobby in 2011. They were already avid explorers, and thought that geocaching would be a fun addition to their outdoor experiences. “At first we tried to navigate using our car GPS. We switched to a handheld GPS almost immediately when we realized we really enjoyed and wanted to focus on geocaching.”

Carina, making her way through the bush.

For them, the appeal of the game came from the many secret places they discovered through geocaching, which they wouldn’t have otherwise found. And it’s usually just the two of them searching for caches on their own — “Group logging isn’t for us,” says Carina.

Pretty soon they began hiding their own geocaches, which have garnered much praise from geocachers local and from afar. Their hides are typically cleverly hidden and are complete surprises to those who find them (there are no spoiler images to be found in the cache galleries!).

Lasse goes after GC22JED.

Thanks to this geocaching team, anyone passing through or near Skåne, Sweden has at least 150 amazing geocaches to find.

Lasse making a reach…
Carina signing a log.
Carina signing a log.
800 finds!
8000 finds!


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