3-D House — Geocache of the Week

by Lisje2000
Gelderland, Netherlands
N 51° 49.105 E 005° 48.293

Not many Cache Owners can say they made their cache using a printer. Of those, even fewer can say they built the printer themselves. Geocacher Lisje2000 did both.

3-D printing was solidified as a hobby for Lisje2000 when they built their own 3-D printer in March 2014. You heard right—they built their own 3-D printer.

Lucky geocachers may get a private viewing of the 3-D printer when the cache owners are home.

Much of the geocache itself is made of wood, but many of the parts were printed. A number of the objects found inside the cache were also 3-D printed.

The cache is disguised as a birdhouse displaying the CO's street number.
The cache is disguised as a birdhouse displaying the CO’s street number.

Making the cache using the 3-D printer wasn’t an easy job. The CO’s estimate it took at least 132 hours to print all the parts that are currently in the cache…not to mention all the failed attempts at making other parts. The roof of the birdhouse alone took at least 40 hours.

Inside the cache are various 3-D printed artifacts, some of which one might conceivably find in a regular living room: lamps, bookshelves with busts, even a tiny laptop.

Can you spot the geocaching logos?

Opening the cache requires some clever thinking and attention to detail, hence the Difficulty rating—but be careful! Some of the pieces are delicate, and nothing should be forced in order to retrieve the logbook.

A peek into the attic window reveals the guardians of the logbook.
An intrepid you geocacher makes the find.

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