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New Caledonia
Favorite Points:

Why the Passeport pour le Nord GeoTour is unique:

If you are curious about nature, keen on open spaces, and dream of wandering through green forests, then the North New Caledonia area was made for you. This untamed natural land is breathtaking and home to endemic plants & wildlife stemming all the way back to prehistoric time. It’s also an an area with a strong sense of culture, incorporating much of the local Kanak people’s historic traditions and beliefs into modern day life.

Geocaching NC

Best time of year to visit:

Blessed with a temperate and tropical climate, New Caledonia is a great place to visit all-year-round! Those who love sunbathing and lazying around generally prefer the summer months from December to March. For those who enjoy sports and hiking, the winter months from June to September are ideal. In October, November, April, and May, the weather is mild. This tends to be a popular time of year for photographers who dream of capturing the best shots.

Hienghene - GC558EX
Hienghene – GC558EX

Must-see attractions:

  • Don’t miss the Broody Hen in the Hienghène Bay. This geocache (GC558EX) will reward you with one of the most beautiful panoramas, if not the best, in all of New Caledonia!
  • Boat Pass is the northernmost point of the Caledonian mainland. You’ll get a breathtaking 360° view from this cache (GC558GJ).
  • The village of Voh on the west coast is known for its heart-shaped “natural art piece” which has been sculpted into a mangrove by the elements over time. You’ll also learn a lot about the local history and customs while tasting a cup of coffee at the eco-museum (GC558H9).

    The famous Voh Heart

Hidden gems only locals know about:

The GR Nord, a 70 km (~43 m) magnificent hiking trail marked by the French Hiking Federation, is a must-see. The trail runs through the most authentic, unexplored, and beautiful parts of the Northern Province, between the villages of Ponerihouen (GC556A1) and Touho (GC556B1).


If you complete your Passeport pour le Nord by finding at least ten geocaches, you’ll receive a special Geotag! Also (GC558FA) is still unfound. Be the geocacher to grab our last FTF Geocoin!

The collector Nord Geotag

What Geocachers are saying about the GeoTour:

  • “I had driven all day from Hienghène, and I was exhausted. It took me ages to find the box which was about 8m from where my GPSr was pointing. The hint suddenly made sense! What a splendid location with a view of the biggest waterfall that I have seen in NC. After driving through the mining blight, which upset me very much, it was good to find this peaceful and reverent spot. On my own, I gave my thanks in a firm voice. This is the final Geotour find of my trip. Thanks for everything NordAddict!” – clickcraftsman
  • “Great hike to this view point. We enjoyed the spot to the coastline with the rocks of Hienghene.“ – andringitra
  • “Heading around the north on a caching adventure from Australia. This is my first find of the trip!” – The Artful Dodgers
  • “Very quiet here this morning, we enjoyed reading about the local history and looking at the displays, this is a very well presented museum. Another great cache in the series, thanks for bringing us here. TFTC NordAddict” – waiiti20
  • “Sans aucun doute ma préférée du géotour qui vaut le détour!” – Chup’a
  • “Can see the sea from here!” – JEiken
  • “Woohoo! It took me ages to find – it’s well hidden!” – smkodila
  • “Not easy, but a beautiful location!” – jhwordsmith

Additional Information:

Find more about the North Province of New Caledonia on the official website.


Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ.

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