Geocaching HQ Employee Spotlight: Erin

This is part of a series of blog posts shining a spotlight on the people of Geocaching HQ. We hope to show you the “geo-who” behind the “geo-what”. :-)

What is your name?

Yeah, but what’s your Username?

Erin Geocaching flower
Erin geocaching in the spring time!

How did you come up with your username?
I’ve always had an affinity with the ocean and my zodiac sign, pisces. Besides “Erin” and “Ocean” were already taken. “Azul” means blue in Spanish (which I speak), so Oceansazul just fit.

What is your job title?
Guest Experience Coordinator

What does your job title actually mean? In other words, how do you explain what you do to someone that has no idea what you do?
Geocaching is headquartered in Seattle, where we are lucky enough to meet visitors from all over the world. During HQ visits, people talk all things geocaching, discover rare and cool trackables, find the HQ geocache, take some photos, ask questions, learn more, and even get some cool geocaching merchandise. It’s fun for me too because I love to laugh and I like to make other people laugh – but many people tell me I have a dry sense of humor. If you come tell me a funny story I will give you candy!

Erin Geocaching hotdog
Erin is Geocaching HQ’s Guest Experience Coordinator. Need we say more?

Tell us about your geocaching style (exotic locations / quality over quantity)?  
I don’t have a ton of finds, but I have found geocaches in a lot of states and a few countries. I love the creativity and what people come up with. I like to cache whenever I travel, I like taking newbies on their first geocache adventure, and I also love to Night Cache. There’s a Night Cache in my hometown of Puyallup that’s really cool because it’s a Multi-Cache, and I took my dad caching there. He had a blast. I just like the whole experience.

Erin Geocaching Kyoto
Erin and friends in Kyoto, Japan

What’s something that surprises you about geocaching – whether it’s the game itself, working at headquarters, or anything else?  
The endless creativity of brilliant people. Geocachers come up with the most amazing hides. One that comes to mind is the second cache I ever found. It was a huge fallen log on the side of the trail, about three feet in diameter. But something in the middle of it looked “off”. I pulled a piece of log on the side, and it pulled out of the log. The geocache was a disguised piece of PVC pipe with part of the log on the top as the cap. I thought, “This game is incredible!” and I was hooked. That was five years ago.

Erin Geocaching Snow
Erin and other Geocaching HQ employees hit the slopes for our annual snow day!

What’s the best piece of geocaching advice or information you ever learned? Hmm… Take a step back and look again. And then, look again.


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