Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour

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Milwaukee is the big city of little neighborhoods, and the best way to discover them all is on this GeoTour: “Explore Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods.”

GeoTour: Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Number of Favorite Points: 92

Why Milwaukee is a great place to visit:
Milwaukee offers a variety of fun attractions to explore. Take a stroll along the lakefront, visit one of 17 museums, indulge in delicacies at a downtown dining spot or relax at one of Milwaukee’s famous breweries.

Best time of year to visit:
Visit Milwaukee during the summer! Plan a trip June through September to enjoy the city’s live performances, brewery tours, museum exhibits and countless cultural festivals. Milwaukee is the proud home of Summerfest, the world’s largest outdoor music festival along the shores of Lake Michigan in late June and early July.

Art Museum Photo

The Milwaukee Art Museum welcomes visitors to Milwaukee and offers endless fun for adults and children alike. It is easy to make a stop here: geocaches are hidden in the surrounding neighborhoods!

Must-see attractions:
Don’t miss the Milwaukee Art Museum, a must-see tourist destination. Designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava, the museum graces the city’s skyline with large wings that welcome tourists into the beautiful, vibrant metropolis. The museum holds more than 30,000 permanent pieces of art and features traveling exhibits year-round. Perfect for art fans, adults and children alike, the Milwaukee Art Museum is perhaps the most iconic architectural site in the historic city of Milwaukee.

Hidden Gems:
Check out Safe House, a spy-themed restaurant complete with secret passageways, spy games and mysterious twists and turns. The catch? Guests must uncover the password to be allowed into the restaurant!

What geocachers are saying about about Milwaukee Neighborhoods GeoTour:
“Hello from Chicago! We took a day trip up to the Third Ward and River walk. We enjoyed the art festival and the public market. Beautiful day to explore your city. Thank you for including this neighborhood on the geo tour.” –Les Is More

Brady Street Photo

This geocache (GC4AJ5Q) will take you through Brady Street in Milwaukee’s East Side.

“My birthday trip to Milwaukee was an epic day with 20 caches. We got all the info we needed for the Milwaukee GeoTour series and grabbed a few other caches along the way. The weather could not have been any nicer and the scenery and company were awesome. I didn’t want the day to come to an end. What a great city! What a great day!” –Mike*E

“We had heard great things about the Milwaukee Neighborhoods GeoTour, and the series did not disappoint. Thanks VISIT Milwaukee for great hides and for really informative cache pages. Can’t wait to come back to finish the series. This is a beautiful city!” –R.C.Tells

Additional Information:
Interested in exploring Milwaukee during your stay? Check out for suggestions.

Lakefront Photo

Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods GeoTour takes visitors through 15 fun neighborhoods, each with hidden gems, restaurants and attractions to offer. The lakefront geocache (GC4AGA8) will take you there.

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