Be #Inspired by 197 of the Best #Geocache Hides


Just Follow the Favorite Points to the #OMGeocache

There’s a difference between finding a good geocache and finding a geocache that makes your jaw drop, racks up the Favorite Points, and inspires geocachers around the world. We call these #OMGeocaches.

Fortunately, finding these geocaches isn’t too hard. You can see some for yourself on the Geocaching Pinterest board with 197 Creative Geocache Hides. Every week, the blog features one of these geocaches as Geocache of the Week. And when you’re ready to find one in the wild, Geocaching Premium members can sort by Favorite Points on the new search page.

What’s the best #OMGeocache you’ve ever found? Post it on our Facebook page.

(Hier kannst Du den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen)

Creative Hides on the Geocaching Pinterest board

Creative Hides on the Geocaching Pinterest board


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