Announcing the Geocacher of the Month: November 2014

A few weeks ago we read about three geocachers who go above and beyond for their local geocaching community.

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HikingSeal, Mr Donut WP, and Team Geologynut are a trio of geocaching superheros spanning two continents. Their event caches, geocache series, and challenging puzzle caches are loved by all who encounter them. Best of all? These three are happy to lend a hand to folks who are new to the geocaching scene…you may have been one of those yourself once!

Each of the nominees is already a winner, with a prize package headed their way. But only one geocaching person, or couple, can be named the Geocacher of the Month. Before naming the Geocacher of the Month, Geocaching HQ  reviews community input and blog comments.

Of HikingSeal, one geocacher says:

“Hikingseal has my vote —- well rounded cacher doesnt even start to sum it up. I love all the ways she has inspired me to look at caching in a new way. I love the games within the games — from the challenges, to the hikes/ biking events, to interesting cache placements and CITO events she has covered a wide variety of what makes this game such a joy.” -Mzblubrd

Praise for Mr Donut WP:

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin

“Mr Donut not only holds wonderful events where he always makes everyone feel very welcome but he has set some great caches, the Bike or Hike series being one series we are still enjoying trying to complete. Wherever needed he shares his knowledge and experience of the Geocaching world and is always full of enthusiasm for the Hobby. I didnt hesitate giving him my vote for Geocacher of the month as its the least he deserves for everything he has done for our community. Good luck Mr Donut!” -wright girls

Kudos to Team Geologynut:

“Team Geologynut has done wonderful things for the East Tennessee geocaching community. During a time when the area community was going through a transition, he stepped up to provide the leadership to keep things not just going, but thriving. His State Quarter series is entertaining and challenging to even seasoned cachers, and it ends with a special award. He has created several GeoArt series in the area that are quite popular. He has sponsored monthly Tennessee Valley Geocachers events for several years, which are well-attended by the TVG community. For several years he has been instrumental in organizing a TVG Cache Dash, a day of competitive caching with a Poker Run and a Trail Run. It would be difficult to imagine a geocache who has done more for his local community.” -PokerLuck

Although all three of these geocachers deserve accolades, there has to be one winner.

November’s Geocacher of the Month is one of the youngest we’ve had yet — but that’s all we’ll say about his age. His contributions to his local geocaching community in Northwest England are impressive for a geocacher of any number of years.

9b25c5ce-7b37-4254-bd67-70ddec8d878d_lCongratulations Mr Donut WP!


With just over 2,100 finds, there’s no arguing that Mr Donut WP is already a force to be reckoned with in the UK geocaching community. But the username entered in all those logbooks isn’t the only imprint he’s made.

“My vote would be Mr Donut without a doubt. Like a DONUT, he is a real treat to the cachers in the UK. He certainly gets a ROUND and he puts his HOLE heart into geocaching. I have been given many stories about this young cacher for the UK geocaching magazine, he is spoken very highly of. Where most people his age are playing computer games hes is out there pushing old people about… Pushing them to enjoy more geocaching, to get more involved in the community and pushing himself to achieve more at same time.” -Adam Redschaw

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABased on the comments we read, Mr Donut WP makes an impression on every geocacher he meets, even if it’s just once:

“Came across Mr Donut operating in the Midlands a couple of years ago, when I was after some advice. This he happily gave giving me an insight into my problem.” -R&MLtd



Mr Donut WP’s “Hike or Bike” series is a must-do if you’re in the area (and worth the trip if you’re not).  We think StridentUK says it all:

“Back when I started caching, just over a year ago now, Mr Donut was one of the first caching names that I started to recognise, thanks to his many interesting & well-thought out hides and fun series. His caches alone account for over 250 of my current total; that’s many days, if not weeks of caching time. Especially enjoyable was his mammoth Bike or Hike series which, over the course of the year it was released, took me all around the area I grew up in, to places I’d never ever been. A real lynchpin of the local caching community, organising many excellent events each year, Mr Donut’s enthusiasm and passion for caching and definitely make him worthy of the Cacher of the Month award.”



We’re honored to be able to present Mr Donut WP the Geocacher of the Month award for November 2014. Thank you for all that you do for the geocachers around you, and best of luck with all of your future endeavors!




Do you know someone who deserves the honor of being Geocacher of the Month? Nominate them!





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