Geocache in the Great Urban Race

Great urban race logo 1Geocaching is partnering with the Great Urban Race for another year. The Great Urban Race, inspired by the TV show, The Amazing Race, is a fast-paced puzzle where your city holds the clues.  Teams solve puzzles, tackle challenges and race for cash prizes in this all-out test of smarts and speed. Sound like something you would succeed at? Absolutely.

“The explorative nature of Great Urban Race is a perfect match for Geocachers,” says Race Director Alyssa Breeden.  “We are excited to continue our partnership in 2013!”

This year’s Tampa event incorporated a geocache as one of the clue locations on the course. Once the geocache, “Turn About is Fair Play,” was located using the provided latitude and longitude coordinates, participants (also known as “Masterminds”) had to figure out how to open the geocache. Opening the geocache is required to get the clue and complete the challenge.

A geocache from the Great Urban Race

A geocache from the Great Urban Race

“Participants truly enjoyed the added challenges of the geocache clue as many are already avid geocachers!” says Breeden.  “Those who enjoy geocaching would definitely have a blast at Great Urban Race.”

The Great Urban Race staff has also released a large number of trackables complete with the logo through their travels across the country.  Keep an eye out for one in your city!



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