Find the Keys, Find the Treasure – Das Vergessene Portal (GC3HWBE) – Geocache of the Week

In the forest near Baden- Wϋrttemberg, Germany lies a doorway that supposedly leads to vast hidden treasures. But to get the find for this treasure, you’re going to have to put in some work. Das Vergessene Portal (The Forgotten Portal) (GC3HWBE) will test your puzzle-solving skills as well as your patience.

Das Vergessene Portal

Das Vergessene Portal

The geocache owner die wilden crossies had this to say about creating this difficulty 2.5 terrain 3 geocache, “You start with a not-too-difficult puzzle, have an idea for a good history, some craft talent and some mechanic operations for the ‘wow-effect.’”

He then drew inspiration from exciting, treasure-hunting movies like “The Goonies” and “Indiana Jones” to create an entire history for this geocache. The description tells the story of a castle that once existed near the portal. During a ferocious battle, residents of the castle secured a large treasure within the portal and locked it with two locks. Now, the treasure can only be recovered by deciphering the code and using the correct keys to open the portal.

Frau Potter, from Geocaching HQ, had the opportunity to find this geocache during a trip to Germany. In her log, she writes, “This geocache is very inventive and exciting. We had some trouble, but thankfully some local experts were there to help us along.” Another geocacher to log find the geocache was dieroes, who wrote in their log (translated from German), “From the first log it was clear, this was something special. We had high expectations on the way and were not disappointed…Many, many thanks to the owner for this great work!”

Geocaching staffer Tiffany and one of our amazing volunteer reviewers, Don Rocbeer, try to find the correct keys.

Geocaching staffer Tiffany and one of our amazing volunteer reviewers, Don Rocbeer, try to find the correct keys.

While geocachers  may not find gold and gems hidden by ancient castle-dwellers, the real treasure is the satisfaction of solving the puzzle and adding another smiley to your Geocaching profile. “I wanted to give pleasure to all the geocachers who will discover the forgotten portal,”die wilden crossies said. With a creative backstory, an inventive geocache container and an intriguing puzzle—we think he succeeded. Have you come across a geocache with an amazing story? Tell us about it in the comments.

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