5 Tips to Achieve Geocaching Stardom

Rock Star move at a Geocache

Rock Star move at a Geocache

The basics of geocaching are inspiring in their simplicity. A geocacher hides a geocache and challenges others to find it. That’s it. And it’s easy to unlock the joy of geocaching when you discover clever hides and share the adventure with good friends. Becoming a great geocacher is all about remembering the little things. If you follow these five quick steps every time you geocache, you’ll be ready for Geocaching stardom.

1)      Bring a Pen – There are few rules in geocaching. But one rule is that you need to sign the logbook. Always pack a pen to make sure you’re ready to sign your Geocaching username, the date, and leave a note.

2)      Leave No Trace – Be kind to the geocaching game board (which is the entire world). Make sure to Cache In Trash Out (CITO) when you geocache. Pick up litter along the way and leave geocaching locations free of trash.

3)      Write a Great “Found it” or “Didn’t find it” Log – When you find a geocache, or even when you don’t find a geocache, make sure to share the spirit of adventure. Write a log detailing the geocaching journey for the geocache owner and for other geocachers.

4)      Put the Geocache Back Where and How You Found it – It’s tempting. You ask yourself, “Wouldn’t the geocache be better hidden if it were just over there?” Resist the temptation. The geocache owner placed the geocache at a specific location for a reason and will need to find the geocache when it needs maintenance or when other geocachers need help finding the geocache.

5)      Move Trackables Along – If you remove a Trackable, like a Travel Bug ®, from a geocache make sure to post a “retrieved” log and move the Trackable along to another geocache as soon as possible.

These five steps will have you rocking the geocaching world in no time. What geocaching tips would you add? Post your thoughts in comments below. Oh, and don’t forget a 6th step: repeat steps 1 – 5 often!



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