CVGA Hot Tow-Mater game

Current GOAL

CVGA Hot Tow-Mater

You have found the CVGA Hot Tow-Mater!

This trackable is part of the summer game by the CVGA.

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About This Item

Current GOAL

This bug has two goals. First, to promote some friendly competition between the geocachers of CVGA. Second, to give people an excuse to visit some caches a little farther from home.

How? With a game of “hot potato”.

Current Score as of 8/10/2012
North: 5
South: 0

Before grabbing this bug, please read ‘Should I grab this bug?’ below.

About This Item

The rules are (fairly) simple.

1. Pick a team to play for, either North of the River or South of the River. You can pick either team, regardless of where you live. Just pick a team and stick with it.

2. If someone on the NOTR team finds the bug in a cache in north of the River, they should try to move the bug to a cache in South of the River. If someone on the South of the River team finds the bug in a cache SOTR, they should try to move the bug to a cache to NOTR. In the interest of keeping the game moving, please only take the bug if you can place it in a new cache within one week.

3. The bug should always be in the counties listed below. Please do not take it out of these areas.
Northern Playing Field (2195 sq. mi.)
Charles City County
Goochland County
Hanover County
Henrico County
King William County
Louisa County
New Kent County
Richmond (north of river)

Southern Playing Field (2187 sq. mi.)
Amelia County
Chesterfield County
Dinwiddie County
Nottoway County
Powhatan County
Prince George County
Richmond (south of river)

4. Please don’t cheat. Don’t claim that you hid the bug in a cache in the other team’s area, then keep the bug in your sock drawer for six months.

5. The bug must be placed into an existing cache. Putting the bug in a cache that has a high level of difficulty is fair. Moving or modifying the cache containing the bug to make it harder to find is not.

6. The same user cannot be the same person to move the trackable back to back for their team.

Should I grab this bug?

I’ve had a few people email me to ask whether or not they should grab the bug under certain circumstances. I won’t copy and paste all of the questions here, but I will provide some guidelines that I’ve come up with.

Don’t grab the bug unless you can place it in a cache within one week.

Don’t grab the bug unless you can make a significant contribution toward moving the bug across the river.

Some examples of significant contributions are:

1. Moving the bug across the river, obviously.

2. If the bug is in your area, but is a long way from the river, then moving the bug much closer to the river would be significant even if the bug stayed in the same area. How far does the bug need to be moved before the movement is considered significant? I don’t have a firm rule for this.

3. If the bug is in your areain a cache with a high degree of difficulty, then moving the bug to a more accessible cache would be a significant contribution, even if the bug didn’t move any closer to the river.

If you can’t make some sort of contribution to moving the bug across the state line, leave the bug for someone who can.

1. If bug stays in a territory for 3 days = 1 point.  This includes in a cache or in the Possession Of.
2.  If you are not on a team, but grab the bug in Northern Territory, you are part of the northern team and visa versa.

And thats it. No more rules.



  • DashleyRVA
  • geomunster1313
  • Team Chamca
  • VMIgrad09
  • Wellabovezero


  • Altbiers
  • Andyw3901
  • Grandadd24
  • hawgske
  • TBishop1
  • Wombaticus


3 Responses to CVGA Hot Tow-Mater game

  1. altbiers on July 3, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    If you want to join a team,either find the trackable and move it, or post a comment here.

  2. scubaham on July 3, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    So what happens if the TB ends up on a cache IN the river (Belle Isle for example)?

    • altbiers on July 3, 2012 at 5:59 pm

      I would say it is in no mans land and still counts as on the territory of the last side it was on.

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