Time Zone Setting

While most of you probably won’t be logging a cache between Midnight and 3AM, there is a setting you still need to adjust in your geocaching personal profile.

While traveling for 24 hours caching we noticed a problem of caches being logged on the wrong date.

Devices used- iPhone with official geocaching app, Droid with official geocaching app and a Blackberry with cachesense 30 day trial.

The droid and the iphone were logging caches as if in pacific time zone, headquarters to ground speak.  Cache sense used the current dates and time of the blackberry.

After doing a little bit of research, your caches are being logged from the official app time zone you have selected on your profile.

Take a minute to adjust yours by:

  1. Logging into geocaching.com
  2. Click on Your Account Details
  3. Scroll down to bottom left hand box “Your Details”
  4. Select Change in the top right corner
  5. Change the time zone
  6. Click the Save Changes Button.

You are now set up for your correct time zone!

The CVGA, Central Virginia Geocaching Association, is a free organization of regional geocachers in Central and Richmond, VA.  Join us at our monthly meet and greets to place faces with those crazy geocache names!

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